Do you know how a warp knitting machine works

A knitted fabric is formed by a group or groups of parallel yarns, which are simultaneously looped on all the working needles in the warp feeding machine. This method is called warp knitting, and the fabric is called warp knitting. The machine that does this kind of warp knitting is called a warp knitting machine.


The warp knitting machine is mainly composed of braiding mechanism, comb transverse mechanism, let-off mechanism, drawing and winding mechanism and transmission mechanism.

(1)The braided mechanism includes a needle bed, a comb, a settling sheet bed and a pressing plate, which is generally driven by a CAM or an eccentric connecting rod. CAM is often used in the warp knitting machine with low speed and complex motion law of winding parts. Eccentric linkage is widely used in high speed warp knitting machine because of its smooth transmission, simple processing, low wear and noise during high speed operation.

(2) The comb transverse mechanism, so that the comb in the ring process according to the requirements of the knitting fabric organization transverse movement, the warp cushion on the needle, in order to weave into a knitted fabric with a certain organizational structure. There are usually two types, flower plate and CAM type. Pattern mechanism through a certain shape and size of the pattern according to the requirements of knitted fabric organization into a chain of the pattern, so that the comb transverse movement, suitable for weaving pattern more complex organization, pattern change is more convenient. In the CAM mechanism, the CAM is designed according to the transverse movement of the comb required by the knitting fabric organization, the transmission is stable and can adapt to the higher weaving speed.

(3) The let-off mechanism, the warp on the warp shaft back down, into the weaving area. There are negative and positive forms. In the passive mechanism, the warp shaft is pulled by the tension of the warp yarn and sends out the warp yarn. It does not need a special warp shaft drive device. It is suitable for the warp knitting machine with low speed and complicated warp sending rule. The active let-off mechanism uses a special transmission device to turn the warp shaft to send the warp yarn, and has the difference of tension induction and linear velocity induction. The tension induction mechanism controls the speed of the warp shaft through the tension rod sensing the size of the warp tension. The linear velocity induction mechanism controls the speed of the warp shaft through the speed measuring device. This kind of mechanism can send warp yarns at a predetermined speed and work stably under high speed operation conditions, so it is widely used in high speed warp knitting machines.

(4) The function of the drawing and coiling mechanism is to draw the fabric from the braided area at a predetermined speed and wind it into a cloth roll.

Post time: Nov-21-2022