YIXUN contra warp knitting machine

How many of you have computers struggling with the latest games? Thanks to Acer, we will give away a brand new Predator 15 gaming laptop, which has a graphics display function that can display the latest games such as butter. Easy to enter!
Input method: In the comments, tell us your most extreme gaming experience with a word count of less than 200 words. It may be in the game, duration, location or other completely different places.
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Keep it clean and stay creative. If you are a guest commentator, please don’t forget to use the correct email address (this address will remain hidden) so that we can contact you when you win the prize. Kotaku will not share this information with third parties.
Deadline at 10 am on February 10 (Wednesday). The Kotaku team will review the entries and the list of winners will be announced on Kotaku.com.au.
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The 15-inch Acer Predator is designed for a first-class gaming experience, with an Intel i7 processor, up to 64GB DDRAM and NVIDIA GeForce GPU.
But without proper cooling, all these functions are useless, and this is where the predator really shines. It has two rear exhaust fans and software, which can intelligently guide the airflow, improve the cooling effect and reduce dust and noise.
The Predator also includes an accessory called Frostcore, which is actually an additional fan that can replace the optical drive. You will not rush to overheat.
This time I played Tony Hawk on my GBA and kicked on a dinosaur on a roller coaster. all the best.
Back in another life, I am the head of the Intermediate World of Warcraft Association on the Intermediate Server. We are a good group of guys. They attacked 10 to 25 people at the same time, but they focused more on race than the community.
Therefore, for a bunch of boos, when they announce that the guild is leveled, we see it as a goal that can actually be achieved. I let everyone work around the clock to get as many guild XP and achievements as possible. But the guild at the top of the server seems to want to defeat us.
Even though their guild has tripled in size to keep up with us, our diligent workers will still put us in front until the end of the raid game with them. Taking advantage of the opportunity to raid is extreme, but when you know that you are working with another team and it turns out to be an accidental situation, it’s amazing. Then see that there is little achievement, all the cheers and surprising farewells here are an extreme situation, and it is even more amazing to take charge of everything.
The raid carried out at TERA, coupled with a week-long LAN party, a lot of energy drinks and pizza. long, long ago.
Three and a half years ago, I had a new laptop and Diablo 3. I quickly installed the new bulky headphones and 3D glasses. I set up Skype and had a long meeting with a partner in Canada-only to hear that he and my girlfriend both started to laugh at their lungs… I still hovered on the Internet like a photo of Terminator.
My most extreme gaming experience was playing “Pokemon Silver” when I was 9 years old. I finally defeated the Elite Four and confronted the champion Lance.
After a long and hard battle, I finally grind him to his last Pokemon Dragonite. Although I have stocked a lot of items into the alliance, since then I have exhausted all the healing methods, rejuvenation and any other helpful powers.
Lance and his Dragonite tore up what was left of my Pokémon team until I was left with one Pokémon, my Typhlosion. Typhlosion is not suitable for fighting Dragonite, and to make matters worse, the remaining PP in my action is zero.
With tears in my eyes, I am sure I have to go so far to fail and lose the battle. Then my Typhlosion left the only attack, struggled, and to my surprise, made Dragonite fainted. Since the beginning of the game, my partner and I were just a Sindaquier, and we defeated the Pokémon League and became the champion. Over the years, this is still the greatest gaming moment of my life.
I experienced testicular cancer chemotherapy on GBA during 120 hours of Final Fantasy tactics, which made me move on and reminded me of another day! It’s all clear now!
It’s strange…A few years ago, I recovered from genital-related surgery, and I played a lot of Final Fantasy Tactics. I have to admit that testicular cancer is much more extreme than my minor surgery. Congratulations on your recovery!
My strongest gaming experience is when I play Steam games with all my friends all day during the Thanksgiving break. (I am a newbie in the game, my father does not support my game, he said that thirty minutes a day is enough, I think everyone runs counter to him)
Back in CS:S (I know), I used to play the Office map server with 32 players. 16 The office next to it over and over again.
In the round of Ts, I gave up all 16 enemy CTs. The ultimate trump card. Not only did 16 people kill, but no one else in my team killed them all.
When I met my wife (almost 5 years ago), she was not a gamer at all, but she was willing to learn, and I was also willing to teach boys. At the beginning, I tried interesting games such as Borderlands, Super Smash Bros., but since I didn’t think about new players who don’t understand 3D space or have excellent athletic skills, I immediately hit a wall. Since Mario Kart Wii was put into use, I have made some progress, but I can tell her that she does not feel this way because I have to encourage her to play. Then, Rayman Origins was released, and the cooperative seemed promising. The trailer seemed a bit cringe to her, but she said she was humorous to me. As we ran along the first level, I saw a click in her mind. She ran, jumped, and punched me a hole-she finally understood the meaning of the game.
The next day, she eagerly asked if we could play again. I cried. We have been playing games together ever since.
It was also the first time to play Counter Strike for two consecutive days at the 1000-person LAN party at the Telstra Dome in 2003. Then sitting in the grandstand looking at the big screen, while sitting in the grandstand eating pies… of course there is sauce. Oh, recall, too many “anti-terrorists win”.
So my cousin and I stayed alone for 7 days. During those 7 days, we borrowed a copy of GTA Sin City from the blockbuster theater next to the house, and we played for about 3 consecutive days. Yes, we slept (essentially shifts), we finished the game, purchased the property, stole every car, and did all the possible games in 3 days. No cheating. (Perhaps the last time we were sure that the car could fly and drive on water, but it was coming to an end).
The area where the agent plays with his AR headset in the waiting room is great. I must have played there for an hour 1/2, and I was giggling like a kid.
I was bound by Ethan’s emotional turmoil, it was incredible. Even if I know this is just a game, I still can’t shoot drug dealers… I just think this is morally wrong for Ethan, because he is also a homeless person.
Portal 2. On the day of release, I bought it and played it immediately when I got home. I like it very much, there is no rest in between, when I finish it, I’m like’sh*t… It’s like 2 o’clock in the morning, it hasn’t been released for 24 hours, because it has been released, I have finished it… ”
Although this is a simple game, since I have always liked to play online, I rarely or even try to complete the campaign on the day of launch, but I am not even willing to complete the cod campaign within a day. … Dunno, if I could be proud of it that day
Play fierce Golden Eye N64 multiplayer battles with my cousin, or get punched by my cousin because I always win. Or either because I was “unfair” and annoyed my parents.
A proper game marathon I participated in was a 72-hour battle for the Battle of Middle-earth with a friend. We only have about 6 hours of sleep between us.
I remember back then, a few high school classmates and I used to put all our computers together in a shed with nowhere to go, and set up a local area network so that we could play all our favorite games. I remember the starship, and “Diablo 2″ was at the top of the list.
Flat screen? luxury! In our LAN era, we are all dragging huge CRTs. (Usually, spend more time for computers to actually talk to each other instead of playing games)
This is it! I spent more time fascinating everyone and skinning my character than playing those damn games. However, without the need for headphones or shouting loudly, Coke can make a large number of Coke players like pizza. It’s even better to kick their ass when I’m the only chick
Yes, I used to stick Atari 800 and 4 joysticks in my backpack, and then ride to my friend’s house to play some 4-player multiplayer games. What is a local area network?
I sat together and played episodes 1 and 2 of Half-Life 2 once. When I finished the second episode, I was sitting in the lounge of the apartment, looking out the window and seeing the sun peeking on the horizon. Before falling asleep in the computer chair, I sat there thinking for 15 minutes.
The most extreme game I have ever played is roller coaster chess. My brother and I entered Sydney’s roller coaster park without restrictions (I think it’s an Australian wonderland?), we rode the demon (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHdQjuZ7V_8) many times, changed It’s getting boring. When other people’s faces are distorted in terror, we will buy some pictures of ourselves that look boring. After all, if there is no one in line, they will let us stay there as long as we want.
He decided to make the photos more interesting, so we bought a small magnetic chess board and chess pieces, and smuggled them to the rides at the end of the day. After the ride started, we pulled out the chess board during a long climb until the first one fell to the ground and tried to play chess. After a few questions, we successfully completed the game for 8 consecutive rides. We got out of the car after the 9th game, walked to the photo area, and watched people screaming backwards with their photos, while the two boring guys in front were considering their next move.
I completed “Hands of God” while parachuting from a super secret, high-tech, stealth fighter. I was wearing Ray Bans, Muscle T, roller skates and back cover.
When I was 19 years old, I had an “afternoon shift” in a factory and ended work at 11:20 every evening. I want to go home, go to bed at around 1am, and set an alarm clock to wake me up at 5am and 4 hours later. Why doesn’t work start until 3 pm, so there are only 4 hours of sleep? World of Warcraft is why.
My guild has several attack teams, two of which will be conducted at 7:30-8pm during prime time, and the other will be conducted at 6 am, suitable for Americans to participate. It was a dirty band, and we often picked extras from the list of friends or other missing guilds. We venture into Karazhan every day to fight against the local residents.
Those sleep-deficient attacks are my best memories of “World of Warcraft”. I go back to the past day after day, learn how to fight steadily, and clean up more bosses. In the end, a bunch of ragtag became the elite attackers of the guild. This is the only group that can continue to clear Karazhan every week and the damn group. We did this very interesting.
Around 2004-2005, after the release of Halo 2. A cousin of mine works in the IT department for his company (needless to say the name) on weekends and can basically use all their office and network equipment. Every now and then, he would take us there, and then we would hang out some Halo around the Xbox: CE / Halo 2 split screen prank on one of the 47-inch plasma at the time (at the time). I *must* pay attention to how important this is, because we previously had to use a CRT that was only 25 inches.
One of our most outstanding weekends was when we brought more friends. There are 8 people in total, and an additional Xbox. This is the pioneer of Halo playing large-scale PVP matches on XBL. This is 4v4 Slayer on degraded office supplies.
2 Xboxes, 2 large flat panel displays, 2 copies of Halo 2, 8 friends and all the enterprise network equipment we need = 10 hours of classic Halo 2 advantages.
Triple monitor. Double joystick. Mech fighter online. Transform the game from an arcade shooter to an immersive simulator that requires powerful motor control.
I have extreme (bad) habits when the PC hardware is running. In the summer game, I decided to increase the speed of Case Fans, which can only be done with the side closed. In the process of performing this operation, I put my finger through the chassis fan and knocked it off the bearing, and also disconnected the SSD drive running Windows. It must be restarted, and I encountered an error message about my SSD drive being locked. After some weirdness, removing the power supply and reconnecting seemed to solve the problem, and I was able to resume my game when the chassis fan was full. Winning this laptop can save my life.
After trying out Halo 3 Beta, my wife and I were hooked. When the game was finally released, we played together almost every day. To celebrate Bungie Day in 2009, fans were challenged to a global game. Within 24 hours, Bungie will handle all participants in a special Team Slayer playlist. Fans not only had the opportunity to compete with the creators, but also won the rarest award: scouting armor. Reserved for employees or outstanding community members, Recon is what most players dream of. We must have it. We make sure to rest and store V tanks, and plan to run our own pace on the prize for a full 24 hours. In the end, we participated in 19 games in the 24-hour competition and took a short break, but ultimately failed to reach the goal and chose to fall asleep at the closing time of the challenge. We were paired with Bunge, let alone beat one. However, we did have a very pleasant time. Later, we completed all the Vidmaster achievements after completing the Halo: ODST release, which won praise from everyone else for our Recon. But Bunge Day 2009 will never be forgotten.
On Friday, I found a game called Terraria, and I watched it thriving… This game may be fun, so after I purchased it, I downloaded it on Friday night and started my journey.
This game is great, a bit of off-road vehicles, but it immediately fascinated me. I haven’t had so much fun for many years. I fight with zombies, flying eyeballs and demon worms. After I dig, create and learn, I started to become stronger and stronger, creating various devices to slow down the flow of deadly night beasts and let me dig deeper.
I looked up and saw my partner talking to me, what was she talking about… It doesn’t make any sense… My brain can’t understand… I know these words… But they don’t make sense
It took me a while to sink…I really stayed on the keyboard for three days and three nights without realizing… Is she pulling my leg? Is this a new level that I unlocked in Terraria? It’s this small side-scrolling pixelated game, ..
It can be said that I didn’t go to work that day

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